Warning: Emojis Could Be Costing You £££s

By 16th March 2016Featured, News

A large number of us won’t send a single text nowadays without an emoji. But, did you know that adding your favourite emojis to standard SMS text messages could be costing you up to 40p a text. Why? Some phone models log texts including emojis as MMS (picture messages), not included in your contract and charged seperately. This has been known to impact on those using older models of Samsung and iPhone but we encourage you to check your bill regardless of the smartphone you use.

Our experience tells us the problem particularly affects those sending out group texts to a number of recipients or when the message contains an email address. But, don’t worry, there are alternatives. Facebook chat, WhatsApp, iMessage and O2’s TU Go service all allow group messaging and the use of emojis and operate via wifi.