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With many of you preparing to jet off in search of some much needed sun this summer, we’ve decided to revisit what we think is a very important topic, roaming.  If you’re not aware of how to use your phone properly, you can easily rack up a large bill using it abroad.  It might be […]

It’s official; in what Apple are calling their biggest release yet, iOS 10 will hit your iPhones and iPads this Autumn. Apple has revealed its latest operating system update at the annual Apple Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco. With updates to Messages, Maps, Photos and Siri now confirmed, we’ve summed up the most important […]

new emojis

Bacon, an avocado, a kiwi fruit, a Pinocchio lying face and a selfie are among 72 new emojis set to be released later this month.  The Unicode Consortium, the body that controls and approves software standards for characters, has accepted the new emojis for release on June 21.  The new images will add to the 1,601 […]


It’s a real hassle; you are travelling to a meeting or out with friends and your phone turns off.  We rely on our phones for so much nowadays that being without them just doesn’t feel right.  However, we use them so regularly it feels like the battery is permanently low. If you check battery usage in […]

Phone data

Mobile data is expensive, and when you use too much data (over and above your allowance), you might get a shock when your bill comes in. If your phone is connected to Wi-Fi, it’s not using mobile data and anything you do won’t count against your data allowance; that’s an obvious one. But, when you’re […]

iPhone SE

Did you miss Apple’s keynote event yesterday? Don’t worry, we’ll bring you up to speed (and yes the rumours are true, there’s a new iPhone). It’s not the highly anticipated iPhone 7 however. At their latest event in San Francisco, Apple launched what they’re calling the iPhone SE (special edition). In essence, the SE is […]


A large number of us won’t send a single text nowadays without an emoji. But, did you know that adding your favourite emojis to standard SMS text messages could be costing you up to 40p a text. Why? Some phone models log texts including emojis as MMS (picture messages), not included in your contract and […]


The next flagship device in the Samsung Galaxy S line (S7) will be revealed at Samsung’s Unpacked event in Barcelona; February 21 is the date. And when will I be able to get my hands on the Galaxy S7? Well, that’s still unclear. Although, it is anticipated the S7 will be available to pre-order on, or very soon […]