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EU roaming charges

Back in 2015, we told you that the European Parliament had agreed to scrap EU roaming charges. As of 15 June, you will pay the same price for calls, texts and mobile data wherever you are travelling in the EU. In other words, the text, call and data allowances included in your monthly contract at […]


With many of you preparing to jet off in search of some much needed sun this summer, we’ve decided to revisit what we think is a very important topic, roaming.  If you’re not aware of how to use your phone properly, you can easily rack up a large bill using it abroad.  It might be […]

European parliament

The European Parliament has agreed to abolish roaming charges in Europe; the ban will take effect from June 15 2017.  In essence, from June 2017, you will be charged the same to make a call, send a text and use mobile data as you are at home.  Prior to this, a temporary roaming cap will be […]


When you use your mobile phone abroad you’re roaming.  However, a combination of texts, calls (inbound and outbound) and data usage can leave you with a rather large bill upon your return home.  We regularly advise our clients at 8020 on how they can keep their bill as low as possible while abroad on business […]