save money

Save Money

At 8020, we’re committed to saving you money on your phone bill when and wherever possible; there are savings to be made right now.  In the final instalment of our blog series exploring the ways you can save money on your phone bill we’re offering you a free, no obligation, consultative review of your business […]

online bill

Are you registered on your online billing platform? Do you regularly check your monthly bill? Do you even know what you’re checking for? In the fourth instalment of our five part series exploring how you can save money on your phone bill, we’re encouraging you to consider the questions above, check your monthly online bill and […]

Phone Bill

Non-geographic numbers, typically starting with 08, are generally excluded from inclusive call plans and incur additional charges. Here at 8020 we’re always looking to promote ways to save your business money and calling costs to 08 numbers can be expensive, particularly when the call is to a customer service or sales line.  So we’ve documented the advice […]


When you use your mobile phone abroad you’re roaming.  However, a combination of texts, calls (inbound and outbound) and data usage can leave you with a rather large bill upon your return home.  We regularly advise our clients at 8020 on how they can keep their bill as low as possible while abroad on business […]

Directory Enquiries

If you’re ever in desperate need of a particular phone number you may be tempted to call a directory enquiries service.  However, are you aware of how much that call will cost you?  In the first instalment of our five part series looking at how you can save money on your phone bill, we explore the […]