Cut your roaming costs

By 6th January 2015Featured, News

O2 launched TUGo for Business at the end of last year with a massive 60% of customers valuing the app as a back-up solution.
Downloading the app means your mobile number can now work on Wi-Fi and across your other devices so you’re constantly connected. It extends your phone’s coverage so you can make and receive calls, send and receive texts and use voicemail across multiple devices. It’ll work over any Wi-Fi network in the world allowing you to keep control of your costs whilst roaming.

By downloading and registering to the app on your tablet, PC and smartphone, you don’t need to worry about leaving your phone behind, running out of battery or not having signal. If one device isn’t close to hand, simply pick up another to keep the conversation flowing. And you’ll be charged as normal, with all calls and texts coming out of your Pay Monthly bundle.

The app gives you constant coverage allowing you to choose between your mobile network (GSM), Wi-Fi or fixed Internet for incoming and outgoing calls and messages. It’s simple to use with the interface syncing up with your device contacts and combining call history and messages across devices. Its travel friendly so you can use TU Go abroad when connected to a local Wi-Fi network on any compatible device and you’ll just be charged as if you were in the UK. It’s there when you need it so if you’re expecting an important call or needing to access your voicemail you need never miss a conversation. TUGo frees your number to work over Wi-Fi on up to five other devices, so you’ll always stay connected.

Visit the app store on your device to download TuGo.