How Good Is Your Backup?

By 16th March 2015Featured, News

Most businesses understand the need for backups. Indeed, most companies have backups in one form or another.
Having a backup is great, but it’s really just the first step towards data protection, because what good is a backup if you’re not sure you can recover?

At 8020 we see this as the single most overlooked or ‘taken for granted’ aspect of many business’ IT infrastructure.
There are two aspects that are fundamental to any business’ disaster recovery:

1. Can the backup actually be restored to a new machine?
2. Can it be done in a timescale that’s financially and operationally acceptable to the business?

The absolute worst time to test backups is when you’re in the midst of a recovery.
Despite threats like malware, hardware failure, and the ever-persistent user error, a lot of IT providers and systems administrators aren’t testing backups, even though it’s the only way to be sure the data you depend on is safe.

Don’t let a disaster be your first Backup Test to learn why testing isn’t just a good idea, it is critical!