5 Ways to Save Money on Your Phone Bill #1 118 Numbers

By 8th September 2015News
Directory Enquiries

If you’re ever in desperate need of a particular phone number you may be tempted to call a directory enquiries service.  However, are you aware of how much that call will cost you?  In the first instalment of our five part series looking at how you can save money on your phone bill, we explore the cheap, often free, alternatives to directory enquiry numbers such as 118118 and 118500.

Our experience here at 8020 tells us an hour long call to a 118 number can cost a business up to £300.  Indeed, flat rate charges for a 1 minute call to a 118 number generally start at around £5 and even more from a mobile, yet there are ways you can find a solution for free from home and at work/on-site on a landline, mobile or via the internet.

Cut Your Costs 

  1. The best and most obvious means of avoiding these charges is the web; search engines such as Google can do the work of directory enquiry services free of charge and in a shorter space of time
  2. If you are not at home or work, utilise the inclusive data allowance in your mobile contract and again search the web; it may even be cheaper to purchase additional data than call a 118 number
  3. There are also a number of low-cost or free 118 numbers – The operators behind 118118 offer a free, albeit ad-based, service on 0800 118 3733 for landline users
  4. Your own service provider is likely to offer their own, low-cost, alternative. O2 charges customers £1.20/min to call their directory enquiries service on 118402, Vodafone’s 118881 number costs customers £0.71/min and calls to Orange’s 118000 number cost £1.29 for up to three searches, irrespective of how long the search takes
  5. Importantly, if you do phone a directory enquiries service, never let them connect you, always hang up and dial the number yourself; otherwise you’ll be charged a premium rate for the rest of the call


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