5 Ways to Save Money on Your Phone Bill #2 Roaming

By 14th September 2015News

When you use your mobile phone abroad you’re roaming.  However, a combination of texts, calls (inbound and outbound) and data usage can leave you with a rather large bill upon your return home.  We regularly advise our clients at 8020 on how they can keep their bill as low as possible while abroad on business (and on holiday) and so to ensure this doesn’t happen to you we explain how you can avoid these charges:

Turn off Data Roaming – It is important you switch data roaming on your phone OFF before you leave the UK or as soon as you arrive in your destination or your phone will automatically source an internet connection.  This is easy to do and many smartphones even do it automatically.  To be safe, check your phone settings and un-tick data roaming.

Use Wi-Fi – If you do wish to check your emails, update your social media, keep up to date with the news or just browse the web, use Wi-Fi instead.  Nowadays, most, if not all, cafes, restaurants, hotels and airports operate a FREE Wi-Fi hotspot.

Check with your provider – If it is essential you contact home or work, most UK network providers offer a travel bolt on.  For example, ‘O2 Travel’ charges £1.66 for each day you use data in Europe (up to 50mb) and caps calls at 44p for connection with the first 60 minutes free.

Turn off Location Services – Equally, if you do have to use data roaming, ensure location services are also switched off.  Each individual app that uses location services will continue to find your location, in the background, unless you switch it off in the settings app of your smartphone.

Beware outside Europe – The EU has now capped roaming charges, however charges outside Europe can be significantly higher.  To that end, it is important that you again stick to Wi-Fi as much as possible and talk to your network provider at home prior to your departure to discuss any packages for the countries you plan to visit.  

If you are going abroad and are still concerned your phone bill will rise significantly, contact one of our team today on 01387250008 to ensure your trip is stress free.