5 Ways To Save Money On Your Phone Bill #3 Non-Geo

By 22nd September 2015News
Phone Bill

Non-geographic numbers, typically starting with 08, are generally excluded from inclusive call plans and incur additional charges.

Here at 8020 we’re always looking to promote ways to save your business money and calling costs to 08 numbers can be expensive, particularly when the call is to a customer service or sales line.  So we’ve documented the advice we give all our clients to ensure you can save even more money on your phone bill:

Where possible don’t make calls to 08 numbers from a mobile phone.  If your call is to a customer service department, a web chat alternative may be available – often your query gets dealt with much quicker as well.

If you have to phone from a mobile, most companies have an alternative geographic number (01, 02 or 03) that connects you to the same place; www.saynoto0870.com has a large database of these alternative numbers.

Most companies offer an alternative number when calling from abroad, however there is nothing to stop you trying this number from the UK at standard rate.

Both Apple and Android offer a number of free apps in their app stores that may provide you with various alternative numbers.

At present, a 30 minute call from a mobile to an 08 number can cost up to £13.50 and to an 09 number, even more.  If you are concerned about incurring these charges and are still unsure of the alternatives, contact one of our team today on 01387250008.