5 Ways To Save Money On Your Phone Bill #4 Online Bill

By 29th September 2015News
online bill

Are you registered on your online billing platform?

Do you regularly check your monthly bill?

Do you even know what you’re checking for?

In the fourth instalment of our five part series exploring how you can save money on your phone bill, we’re encouraging you to consider the questions above, check your monthly online bill and get back to us. We want to help!

We regularly identify, through detailed monthly bill reviews, key areas where our clients can save money on their phone bill.  Without this scrutiny, your business could be paying out large amounts each month.

Indeed, did you know a 30 minute call to a 118 number can cost you up to £300? That a series of texts to a premium rate number can cost your business up to £600? That you might be paying for unused Sims on your account? OR, that you might be exceeding your monthly allowance and paying on top of it?

If you check your online bill, you can spot this before it’s too late!