iOS 9: Wi-Fi Assist

By 5th October 2015News
WiFi Assist

If you have recently upgraded your iPhone to iOS9 or purchased the new iPhone 6s, you may have realised the presence of a new feature, Wi-Fi Assist.  But what exactly does it do?

On by default, Wi-Fi Assist allows your phone to automatically fall back onto mobile data when your Wi-Fi signal drops, ensuring you maintain your connection.  There is no doubt this feature could be very useful as you go about your daily routine, saving you valuable time.  However, it comes with a warning; if you are on a limited data plan or cap, there is the potential for you to incur significant overages.  If this is the case, or you simply believe the feature will be of no use to you, fear not.  Wi-Fi Assist can be turned off with relative ease.  Simply select Settings > Mobile Data >  then scroll down to Wi-Fi  Assist.

It is also important to remember that your iPhone allows you to manually manage which apps utilise mobile data and which apps operate via Wi-Fi only.  For example, you may wish to leave Wi-Fi Assist switched on but set data heavy apps such as Netflix or YouTube to use Wi-Fi only.

So, what’s your verdict? Is Wi-Fi Assist a life saver or a data drainer?